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TABLEAU PRODUCTS – Tableau Online Training in Hyderabad

              Tableau is a suite of software’s used for Business Intelligence. Below are the different products from Tableau.

Tableau Prep
Tableau Desktop
Tableau Public
Tableau Server
Tableau Online
Tableau Reader
Tableau Mobile


              Tableau Prep is piece of suite of Tableau software which is used for data preparation. Analysts cannot readily analyse their data because it is in the wrong shape or residing in disparate sources, and getting it in a useful form can be a complicated and time-consuming process, often requiring specialized skills like having the knowledge of some ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) Tools. Tableau says its Tableau Prep product has customized visual experiences to make common yet complex transformation tasks such as joins, unions, pivots and aggregations simple with a drag and drop experience that requires no scripting.


              Tableau Desktop is the full Developer Software. Tableau Desktop is used to create Visualizations and Dashboards.

There are two versions (Personal and Professional).  

              The major differences between these two are the number of data sources you can connect to. In Tableau Desktop Personal you can only connect to the “In a file” data sources.  Using this software you can save locally or publish to a Tableau Public Server but not into Tableau Private Server. In Tableau Desktop Professional you can connect to all the listed data sources. Using this software you can save locally or publish to a tableau server (Public or Private).


              Tableau Public is a free download from Tableau’s website. Tableau Public is used to create Visualizations and Dashboards.

              By “Public” it means that anyone can find your visualization. There is no ability to save workbooks locally to your computer you have to save it in your Tableau Public account. Although they can view your visualization, there is an option to prevent anyone from downloading the workbook and its data.  Tableau Public has all of the functionality of Tableau Desktop when creating visualizations and is a great option if your data can be shared.  Tableau public can be used for development and sharing.

              By using Tableau Public you can only connect to Excel and text files to create Visualizations and Dashboards. Everyone can View and Interact with Visualizations without any software, that are already shared in Tableau Public Server if they have the link or path for that Visualization. From Tableau Public Server you can download the workbook, when you download you will get it as packaged workbook. By using Tableau Public You can open packaged workbook (file → open  …) and you can also open the workbooks from your Tableau Public.


              Tableau Server is an application used to share and interact with visualizations securely across an organization.  To share workbooks in Tableau Server you must first use Tableau Desktop to publish them.  Once your visualization has been published to your Tableau Server licensed users can access them online through a web browser.  Tableau Server has built in security and permissions that are at a “project” level (projects are like secured folders).    To implement Tableau Server business-wide every user that is going to view visualization needs a license.  Tableau Server can also be used to assist in sharing data sources.


              Tableau Online has the same functionality of Tableau Server but is hosted by Tableau in their cloud.  One thing to note is that there are a few limitations when it comes to server data connections.


              Tableau Reader is a free application that can be downloaded from Tableau’s website.  This application is used to view and interact with workbooks that have been saved as .twbx (packaged workbook).  A packaged workbook saves the workbook and a snapshot (static view) of the data and puts it into one file.  One thing to mention about using Tableau Reader is that there is essentially no security, anyone who receives the workbook can use Tableau Reader to open it.


              Tableau Mobile is used to see and understand your data from tableau server and online. This app requires a Tableau Online or Tableau Server account Details. Tableau Mobile is the fastest way to stay on top of your data from anywhere. View local snapshots of your dashboards, even when you’re offline.

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