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                  Analytics  Benchmark Training’s provide Best Tableau Online Course Training. TABLEAU Prep is a new product released on 24 April 2018 from TABLEAU Corporation which is used for data preparation. By using TABLEAU Prep users can prepare their data so they can use it for analysis more quickly.

              Data preparation is one of the biggest challenges facing customers today and spending lot of time for preparing the data ready for Analysis. Analysts spend 80% of their time cleaning and shaping data, and only 20% actually analyzing it.

              Analysts cannot readily analyze their data because it is in the wrong shape or residing in disparate sources, and getting it in a useful form can be a complicated and time-consuming process, often requiring specialized skills like having the knowledge of some ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) Tools. Tableau says its Tableau Prep product has customized visual experiences to make common yet complex transformation tasks such as joins, unions, pivots and aggregations simple with a drag and drop experience that requires no scripting.

              Tableau Prep integrates directly into the Tableau analytical workflow and customers can open their flow in Tableau Desktop at any time, or easily share it with Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Tableau Prep also leverages Tableau Desktop data connectors, calculation language, so customers can get up to speed quickly and collaborate at any point in the analytical process.

Connect to more data

              TABLEAU Prep can connect to data on premises or in the cloud, whether it’s a database or a spreadsheet. Access, combine and clean disparate data without writing code or any scripting with simple drag and drop or using point and click. Tableau Prep intelligently pushes operations down to the database when possible, letting you take advantage of existing database investments for fast flow execution performance.

Get up to speed quickly

              If you already using Tableau Desktop? You’ll feel right at home with Tableau Prep. Tableau Prep uses Tableau’s data connectors and calculation language, so you can get going quickly with Tableau Prep.

Fast performance with Hyper

              Enjoy fast interactions and flow execution with Hyper, Tableau’s patent pending data engine technology. Hyper uses proprietary parallelism techniques to accelerate the data prep process.

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