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What is Microsoft Fabric?

Microsoft Fabric is a complete end to End Analytics Solution with Capabilities including Storage, Data Integration, Data Engineering, Data Science, Real-Time Analytics, Business Intelligence and Action Platform.( Learn Microsoft Fabric Training In Hyderabad at AB Trainings To Get Job Fast ).

Now your organization no need to purchase multiple analytics services from multiple vendors. Instead, use Microsoft Fabric an end-to-end, SaaS-based, unified Data Analytics Platform which servers all you company Analytics needs. 

Microsoft Fabric Components

  • Storage: One Lake
  • Data Integration: Data Factory
  • Data Engineering: Synapse Data Engineering
  • Data Warehousing: Synapse Data Warehousing
  • Data Science: Synapse Data Science
  • Real-Time Analytics: Synapse Real-Time Analytics
  • Business Intelligence: Power BI
  • Action Platform: Data Activator

Best Microsoft Fabric Training In Hyderabad

One Lake

One Lake is a Data Lake Technology. Data Lake technology will Store both structured and unstructured data. One Data Lake is be enough for all Fabric Components to store the Data, hence we call as One Lake. All the Microsoft Fabric Components will store data in the One Lake and read data from One Lake. 

One Lake Contains Multiple Lake houses, Within a Lake house data is organised into folders, files, and Tables. The Lakehouse is where structured and unstructured data are stored in Microsoft Fabric.

Data Factory

Data Factory is an ETL or Data Integration Software in Fabric. In Data Factory we can perform Data Integration Activities without writing any Code.

In Data Factory either using Dataflow or by Creating Data Pipelines we will Perform ETL Activities.

Synapse Data Engineering 

Data engineering is playing an important role in every organization’s analytics journey these days, because the amount of data that needs to be processed is growing faster than ever.  Synapse Data Engineering in Microsoft Fabric provides various data engineering capabilities which help Companies to produce well-organized and high-quality Data for Analytics. Using Synapse Data Engineering we can Process the Data Ranging from Structured / tabular data to unstructured documents, images, IoT sensors and more.  Using Synapse Data Engineering all these data will be extracted, processed at scale, and shared with the business for Analytical Purpose.

Synapse Data Engineering is a Spark service for data transformations. Synapse Data Engineering being able to leverage the power of Apache Spark to transform their data at scale.

In Synapse Data Engineering we use notebooks to write code for data ingestion, preparation, and transformation.

Synapse Data Warehousing

In today’s data world, data warehousing is a critical component of any Company. Data Warehouse Goal is to assist companies in effectively manage and analyse vast amounts of data, which help in taking better business decisions.

Synapse Data Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric is the next generation of data warehousing. Synapse Data Warehouse is the first transactional data warehouse to natively support an open data format.

Synapse Data Science

Synapse Data Science in Microsoft Fabric is a service to build, deploy, and manage machine learning (ML) models.

Synapse Real Time Analytics

Synapse Real-Time Analytics is an observational data analytics service collecting data from streaming data sources like IoT devices & Sensors.

The Streaming data is semi-structured in formats like JSON or Text and it comes in at high volume, with shifting schemas. These Kinds of streaming data is hard to work with traditional data warehousing platforms. Synapse Real-Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric is best in class engine for observational data analytics.

Power BI

Power BI is the world’s leading Business Intelligence platform from Microsoft. Power BI in Microsoft Fabric will allow access to all the data in Fabric quickly to build Interactive Reports and Dashboards. This Reports and Dashboards help Business Users in making better decisions. 

Data Activator

Data Activator is a no-code Microsoft Fabric Product that empowers you to drive actions automatically from your data. 

For Example, using Data Activator Companies can check their inventory levels for a particular product, and notify an operations manager if not automatically. 

What are the advantages of Microsoft Fabric? 

Single Product

A Wide range of analytics Software’s integrated as One Product. Microsoft Fabric is a powerful Software which Serves End to End Data Analytics Needs like Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics etc.,

User friendly & Easy to Use

Microsoft Fabric can be used by users with limited technical experience as it is Low-code/no-code Software. Microsoft Fabric is a Good Option for the Companies who want to perform analytics quickly and easily. 

Collaborative environment / Collaboration space

Work seamlessly across different teams and departments on data-related projects. Microsoft Fabric can bring different professionals to share resources and the same workspace. Developers in Microsoft Fabric can easily access and reuse all assets.

Increased efficiency

Microsoft Fabric will allow completing work with small Team that typically requires a larger data team previously to perform it. Microsoft Fabric with simplifying architecture can help to get Timely actionable information.

Scalable & Cost-Effective

Microsoft Fabric is a pay-as-you-go model, organizations can scale up/down their resources based on their requirements. Microsoft Fabric can be used by organizations of all sizes as it is Scalable. The pricing is based on the total computing and storage utilized by the Companies. Now your organization no need to purchase multiple analytics services from multiple vendors.


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